Romantic comedy “16 to Life” Super-Fan, Megan Hensley, In Her 16 to Life Logo-cap!

What makes a fan a super-fan?  Megan Hensley heard that if she was our 1000th Facebook Fan, then she would win one of the exclusive “16 to Life” caps! With the awesome “16 to Life” yellow log on it, the “16 to Life” black cap is totally hip.    have you collected any groovy “16 to Life” merchandise yet?

Our 1000th Facebook fan – Megan Hensley! Thanks for the photo, Megan!

Have you seen “16 to Life” yet?  You can download it right now at one of these links!

Join us on the 16 to Life Facebook Fan Page or follow us on Twitter as @WaterdogFilms b/c that’s where you’ll get all the news first!  See you there!

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